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Viseart Matte Eye Shadow Palettes: A Review

Viseart Matte - The Beauty Anecdote

They were Youtube-popular for all of about a month–mostly by the larger, cult-following Youtubers, no doubt–until the hype kind of died down. At the height of all the hype, there were claims that this small French-based professional makeup company had released the best matte eyeshadows in the industry, curated for professionals but totally practical for […] Read more…

Drugstore Beauty on Trial #5: The One and Only Drugstore Concealer That Changed My Makeup Life

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer - The Beauty Anecdote

So here’s the thing–I collect concealers (along with every other makeup item). But to this date, I’ve never owned a concealer from the drugstore that completely won me over. Insert the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer ($7.96 CDN). Quick story–I legit thought this wasn’t available to Canadians. I looked in every Canadian drugstore–Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, Superstore, […] Read more…

Drugstore Beauty on Trial #4: A Tru Naked Dupe? Covergirl TruNaked Palettes First Impressions

Covergirl TruNaked - The Beauty Anecdote

If I had a change jar for every time a brand has tried to dupe the infamous and ever so popular Naked palettes, I would probably be on my way to making some serious cash. With good reason, I mean the Urban Decay Naked palettes, for what it’s worth, are iconic, staple neutral palettes that […] Read more…

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